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Misha explains why Castiel is socially awkward (x)

Q: We’ve seen Cas trying to learn to be human over the past five years. In the first episode of the season this year all of a sudden at least three angels have learned to be human in a day. How do you explain that?

For what its worth, I really liked Misha’s idea and what he was going for…in what was supposed to be a very briefly appearing character. The idea that angels were distant and had difficulty relating to humans and comprehending them and therefore being quite socially awkward is perfect because it re-enforces that alienn otherness and the disconnect between what the angels want and what the humans want. On the flip side, Balthasar and Gabriel would clearly still be as they were…very easily moving through human society and manipulating and having fun with it. The contrast would have been EXCELLENT. (I really really liked that Ezkiel speaks in an oddly old fashioned way…it sets him apart (and makes things easier for Jared in a practical sense) but it also suggests that he hasn’t been on this plane in a long-ass time. (Why is up to plenty of speculation). So I see what you were going for there Misha and approve wholeheartedly.

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If the impala turned up at a certain prison surrounded by zombies…

So Julie and I were talking about how unprepared the people in Walking Dead were for this horrible event to happen. And they just stumble along a bit blindly staying one step ahead of the walkers and the crazy people out there while slowly going crazy themselves because what kind of life would be preparation for this shit?

Which of course, the answer is Sam and Dean’s life because this is what they do and driving around the country killing monsters would seem pretty damn normal, and it would actually be pretty nice because for once the people they’d run into would actually know about the zombies (unlike that sheriff, who only thought he knew about zombies) and they’re used to living out of the impala and have a whole slew of weapons in the trunk and are pretty good about helping people out (looking at you, RICK).

And they’d run into this ragtag group who are slowly falling apart and Dean and Darryl would talk crossbows and Dean would consider flirting with Michonne, but probably be scared of her (not that he’d admit that). Sam would talk to Herschel and Glen and find out what’s been going on, while Dean brought Carl out of that shell he’s been building around himself. And he’d congratulate him on taking care of his little sister and tell him he’s an awesome big brother. And then he’d casually, or not so casually, threaten Rick and suggest he get himself together because losing his wife wasn’t the end of the world and he’s still got two children who need him to be a father.   


This ep was seriously the most frustrating thing because the set up was SO GOOD. And it was a great reference to American Gods. But somewhere in the middle, it lost itself. (And weirdly, Gabriel, who had been pronouncing Kali’s name correctly in the first half, called her “callie” in the second - you notice these things when your name is Kali…) And they all died waayy too easily. The possibility of these characters (esp Kali) was overrun by Lucy and Gabe and the overall plot arc. SIGH. 

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